Great Customer Service – Who Needs It?



If you’re selling from an eCommerce platform, your customer service (CS) can be critically important. In concrete retail, a customer will hail a service assistant if they have a query about מערכת שירות לקוחות products, a policy question (returns, privacy) or a problem. Having unhelpful assistants in a shop is going to damage your business; for online stores, the damage potential is multiplied.

Why? For starters, leaving your store is easier online than in your High Street shop. Just one click. Not only will your customers exit, but with the help of Google and friends they can also easily find somewhere else to shop. And in addition, there’s the question of visibility. If you haven’t made it easy for people to ask for and receive assistance, the risk is that your customers will leave and do their shopping elsewhere.

Your approach to customer service may be the difference between a click-out to the competition and the successful completion of a transaction on your website. Get it right and you’ll attract loyalty and encourage future visits, too.

And the good news is, that with the right approach you can can offer top notch support to your customers, with sophisticated behind the scenes automation and contextualisation.

Set yourself apart by doing the simple things right

Excuse me if I sound like your grandmother (I’ll stop short of insisting on a clean hanky and polished shoes) but customer service can be as simple as ‘good manners’. Ensure your staff have the tools to respond to customer questions quickly, helpfully and using the right ‘tone of voice’. For example, if you’re using automated responses or other system-generated messages, make sure they’re configured to match the tone of the rest of your customer experience. Avoid out-of-the box automation. No matter how clever it seems, if there’s a mismatch between customer support and the rest of your site, it will have a negative effect on the shopping experience.

And speaking of seamless…

The best way to make customer service work for your online business is to make sure it blends into the whole web experience for your users. Don’t waste your investment by rolling out customer service software that interferes with your website’s main messages, calls to action and product showcases. Get the right advice and development expertise to ensure seamless integration of your customer service tools into your online platform.

A holistic approach to displaying product support might include accessing existing or external databases to provide rich, relevant, contextual content – right alongside product descriptions. Customer support should be easy to access, right where your customer needs it. At Design Industries our team of trusted integration experts will ensure your customer service experience blends seamlessly with your site’s look and feel, including product-specific support content (e.g. FAQs) to help with sales conversion ratios.

Open the window on your transactions

Look at your store with an end-to-end transactional eye and ask yourself: are you providing a rewarding shopping experience? For example, an effective integration of Zendesk support software with your Magento implementation will provide transaction visibility, so your agents can deliver targeted, relevant support – more quickly and effectively. Results? less time spent analysing and solving the problem; a better experience, faster resolutions and matching customer value.

Make self-service easy

You’ll already know that your customers don’t ever fall into one easy category of predictable online behaviours or preferences. While some customers will reach for online chat or telephone support the minute they have a question, a proportion of shoppers will actually prefer to find the answers themselves. For these customers, a great set of FAQs or an online knowledgebase is the best approach. The great news is that in the right hands, sophisticated CS tools such as Zendesk can be configured to access relevant information about product brands, models, features and options – reducing the load on your customer service systems while providing a seamless customer service experience. And a properly configured CS implementation will ensure you’re able to report on where your customers are consistently needing help, so you can continue to improve the service you offer.

Above all, don’t do nothing

Poor customer service is a great way to lose customers. And even the best customer service tools can be ineffective unless they align with the overall business and customer satisfaction goals of your site. As with most aspects of your business, getting it right means getting the right advice. At Design Industries, the advice we provide is based on years of integration experience and a real understanding of sales conversion on the web.



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