Solar Energy Technology – How Solar Energy Can Save You Money  


Solar energy technology is considered as a vehicle, which is geared towards sustainable energy production, which not only aids in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, reducing out electrical utility bills, and in bestowing us with complete freedom to   water crisis    use as much power for our requirements as we want, but also aids in reducing pollution levels by cutting down immensely on the greenhouse gas emissions.

The energy from the sun reaches the earth in the form of electromagnetic radiations. While on their way to the earth’s surface, some of these radiations get absorbed as the sunlight passes through the different layers of the atmosphere. However, a significant portion of the energy from the sun (which roughly amounts to 1000 W/m2), finally reaches the earth’s surface and it is this balance energy from the sun, that is harnessed and utilized in solar energy technology for the production of solar energy.

Depending on the end use or the final area of application of the solar energy, the solar energy technology employed keeps changing in each case. For instance, photovoltaics, in combination with power inverters may be used for electricity generation; glazed (or unglazed) flat plate collectors, in combination with heat exchangers can be used for heating water; air based collectors in combination with air handling units or air dampers may be used for building ventilation purposes; trombe wall collector technology or transparent insulation may be used for heating buildings; or vacuum tube collectors may be used for the purpose of cooling the building.

Depending upon the type of solar energy technology used, the solar energy may either be directly converted into electricity through photovoltaic systems (wherein the electricity produced can either be stored in batteries for future use or supplied through electrical grids for immediate circulation and use) or to heat form using solar thermal systems.


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